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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
17/06/2017Ireland-Dublin: Building completion workSubscribers Only18 days
15/06/2017United Kingdom-Coleraine: Maintenance of automatic door systems for ulster universitySubscribers Only20 days
14/06/2017UK-Coleraine: Maintenance of Automatic Door Systems for Ulster University (OJEU)Subscribers Only20 days
05/06/2017IE-Ireland: Accessability Works to SchoolGonzaga College Sjexpired
31/05/2017Ireland-Dublin: Facilities management servicesSubscribers Onlytoday
26/05/2017IE-Ireland: IWA Cuisle Roscommon Upgrade WorksIrish Wheelchair Associationexpired
17/05/2017IE-Ireland: Johnstown Castle - Historic Building Restoration, Refurbishment and Repair WorksTeagascexpired
15/05/2017IE-Ireland: Refurbishment of Existing Building for New Proposed Probation OfficeOffice Of Public Works ( Opw )expired
11/05/2017IE-Ireland: Extension at Kildorrery National School including Upgrade Works to Existing School BuildingKildorrery National Schoolexpired
07/04/2017IE-Ireland: Doors, Ramps, Steps and Associated Works Galway Roscommon Education & Training Boardexpired
17/03/2017United Kingdom-Ballymena: Powered doorsProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
17/03/2017United Kingdom-Ballymena: Pre market engagement for maintenance of powered doorsSubscribers OnlyPIN
16/03/2017UK-Belfast: Pre Market Engagement for Maintenance of Powered Doors [868362]Procurement And Logistics Service expired
07/03/2017IE-Ireland: Provide Universal Access for all Throughout the School At St. Paul's National School (RE-TENDER)St. Paul’S National School (Ratoath)expired
03/03/2017IE-Ireland: Cuisle Roscommon Upgrade WorksIrish Wheelchair Associationexpired
23/02/2017IE-Ireland: St. Paul's Community College, WaterfordO'leary Sludds Architectsexpired
18/02/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Multi-element improvement (MEI) worksChoice Housing Ireland Limited (And Its Subsidiaries)expired
16/02/2017IE-Ireland: Refurbishment and Upgrade of Pearse B and D Blocks, DFTC, CurraghDepartment Of Defenceexpired
15/02/2017UK-Belfast: Planned Maintenance Works at Abercorn Court PortrushClanmil Housing expired
09/02/2017IE-Ireland: Proposed Emergency works to Glencastle NSGlencastle National Schoolexpired