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21/02/2017United Kingdom-Ballymena: Nebulisers and suction unitsBusiness Services Organisation, Procurement And Logistics Service On Behalf Of Bexpired
20/02/2017UK-Belfast: Nebulisers and Suction Units 448596 (OJEU)Procurement And Logistics Service expired
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Medical breathing devices - intensive care ventilator circuitsProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Provision of non invasive ventilation and cough assistSubscribers OnlyPIN
05/11/2016Ireland-Naas: National framework agreement for the provision of anaesthetic and critical care consumables (II)Health Service Executive (Hse)expired
29/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Reusable entonox delivery systemSubscribers OnlyPIN
20/09/2016Ireland-Naas: Respiratory therapy products and servicesHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
07/09/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: AnaestheticsProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
12/08/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: CPAP equipment and consumablesProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
11/08/2016Ireland-Naas: Oxygen-therapy servicesHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired