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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
15/04/2017Ireland-Dublin: Provision of coagulation factor X 2017Subscribers Only21 days
12/04/2017Ireland-Dublin: Fully automated individual donation nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT) testing systemSubscribers Only18 days
18/03/2017Ireland-Dublin: Provision of coagulation factor X concentrateSt James's Hospitalexpired
22/02/2017Ireland-Dublin: Automated molecular testing system for fetal RHD screeningIrish Blood Transfusion Serviceexpired
09/02/2017IE-Ireland: Supply, Installation and Support of a Clinical Cryostat St James's Hospitalexpired
16/01/2017UK-Coleraine: Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser University Of Ulster expired
13/01/2017UK-Belfast: Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of a Mycobacteria Liquid Culture System.Cpd - Supplies And Services Division On Behalf Of Agri-Food And Biosciences Instexpired
22/12/2016Ireland-Limerick: Supply of bovine serum IELISA kitsEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
28/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Quality control for clinical biochemistry and immunologyProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
22/10/2016Ireland-Dublin: Haematology analysersSt James's Hospitalexpired
17/10/2016IE-Ireland: Supply and Delivery of a Western Blot Scanner/ImagerEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
15/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: HLA specific antibody testing systemSubscribers OnlyPIN
30/09/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Immunological Assay KitsUniversity College Cork ( Ucc )expired
14/09/2016Ireland-Dublin: Provision of coagulation recombinant factor IXSt James's Hospitalexpired
28/06/2016United Kingdom-Ballymena: Maintenance and testing of laboratory equipmentProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
13/06/2016UK-Belfast: Image Analysis Software for Tissue Pathology and Biomarker Discovery (EXTENDED DEADLINE)Queen's University Belfastexpired
07/06/2016Ireland-Dublin: Bead-based multiplex assay systemBeaumont Hospitalexpired
03/06/2016Ireland-Dublin: Automated cell and reagent dispenserBeaumont Hospitalexpired
26/05/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Newborn screening equipmentProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
20/05/2016UK-Belfast: Image Analysis Software for Tissue Pathology and Biomarker Discovery Queen's University Belfastexpired