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12/04/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of an RNA/DNA/NGS QC System for University College Dublin (UCD)Subscribers Only1 day
12/04/2017Ireland-Dublin: Fully automated individual donation nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT) testing systemSubscribers Only18 days
10/04/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of Laboratory EquipmentEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
21/03/2017IE-Ireland: Next-Generation DNA SequencingThe University Of Dublin Trinity Collegeexpired
17/03/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of a Multielectrode Array System Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
09/03/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Array testingProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
07/03/2017IE-Ireland: RNA Sequencing Service for University College Dublin (UCD)Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
25/02/2017Ireland-Limerick: Sanger sequencerEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
22/02/2017Ireland-Dublin: Automated molecular testing system for fetal RHD screeningIrish Blood Transfusion Serviceexpired
25/01/2017IE-Ireland: DNA ExtractorOur Lady's Children's Hospitalexpired
13/12/2016IE-Ireland: Custom Service for a Library Preparation and Next-Generation RNA Sequencing ServiceEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
22/11/2016Ireland-Naas: Request for information — PCR suite for HSE Hospital laboratoryHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
16/11/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Array testingSubscribers OnlyPIN
20/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Semi-automated nucleic acid card punch platformsForensic Science Northern Irelandexpired
12/10/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Reference DNA Sampling Kits Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
11/10/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of a Gene Expression Platform in a Real-Time PCREducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
30/09/2016UK-Belfast: Provision of Methylation Array Analysis (DNA Samples)Queen’S University Belfast expired
15/09/2016IE-Ireland: Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System & Amplification Platform for the NVRL, UCDEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
12/09/2016UK-Belfast: Spheroid Imaging System Queen’S University Belfast expired
08/09/2016Ireland-Naas: Automated DNA extraction and PCR AmplificationHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired