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01/06/2017IE-Ireland: Evidence Review of Quality of Life Outcomes and Costs ChangesThe Health Research Boardexpired
26/05/2017IE-Ireland: Priority Setting for Environment & Health Research in IrelandEnvironmental Protection Agencyexpired
12/05/2017IE-Ireland: Report on Health Research Landscape The Medical Research Charities Group (Mrcg)expired
11/05/2017Ireland-Galway: Polymer sheath for assembly into large bore introducer sheathNational University Of Ireland, Galway (Nui Galway)expired
08/05/2017IE-Ireland: Evaluation of Traveller Culture Awareness TrainingHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
31/01/2017IE-Ireland: Health Economist Research ServiceThe Health Research Boardexpired
19/01/2017Ireland-Dublin: Data support staff (agency workers)The Health Research Boardexpired
06/01/2017IE-Ireland: Provision of a Temporary Data Management Resource (Agency Worker) The Health Research Boardexpired
06/01/2017IE-Ireland: Research Support to Report on the Situation Relating to the Supply of illicit DrugsThe Health Research Boardexpired
04/01/2017IE-Ireland: Evidence Based AnalysisLongford County Childcare Committeeexpired
06/12/2016IE-Ireland: Primary Research to Inform Substance Misuse Policy & PracticeDlr-Datf & Southside Partnershipexpired
31/10/2016IE-Ireland: Provision of Temporary Investigator-Initiated Research Manager (Agency Worker) The Health Research Boardexpired
14/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: MAGIC mobile assistance for groups and individuals within the communityBusiness Services Organisation, Palsexpired
05/10/2016IE-Ireland: Peer Review Service for the Investigator Led ProjectsThe Health Research Boardexpired
30/09/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Clinical Trial Batch in the Area of Fungal Nail InfectionItsligoexpired
19/08/2016IE-Ireland: Research Project on review of Key Performance Indicators Mental Health Reform expired
16/08/2016IE-Ireland: Provision of Data Collection Services for the Health Research BoardThe Health Research Boardexpired
02/08/2016Ireland-Galway: Provision of pre-clinical testing of a prototype orthopaedic medical deviceSubscribers OnlyPIN
28/06/2016IE-Ireland: An external evidence review to inform the parameters of a revision of A Vision for Change mental heaDepartment Of Healthexpired