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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
19/07/2017United Kingdom-Ballymena: Dental Laboratory ServiceSubscribers Only41 days
07/06/2017IE-Ireland: Single Party Framework for the Supply of Dental ArticulatorsUniversity College Cork ( Ucc )expired
02/06/2017IE-Ireland: Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems in Primary Care FacilitiesHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
01/06/2017UK-Belfast: RA Dental Equipment, CPAP and Phototherapy Equipment / Mini Scavenger Systems [447506] Procurement And Logistics Service On Behalf Of Northern Health And Social Care expired
22/04/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Prosthodontic and relining productsProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
30/03/2017United Kingdom-Ballymena: Maintenance of diagnostic imaging equipmentProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
22/03/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of Dental Consumable Materials to the Defence ForcesDefence Forces Irelandexpired
17/03/2017Ireland-Naas: Open tender competition for dental decontamination equipmentHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
13/12/2016Ireland-Naas: Surgical theatre instrumentsHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
15/11/2016UK-Ballymena: Supply and Installation of Equpment: Dental Decontamination Unit (SHORT DEADLINE)Kennedy Orthodonticsexpired
06/10/2016Ireland-Cork: Dental consumablesUniversity College Cork (Ucc)expired
29/09/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Dental consumablesSubscribers OnlyPIN
23/07/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care productsProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired