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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
24/05/2017Ireland-Naas: Blood gas analysers and syringes/accessoriesSubscribers Only40 days
23/05/2017IE-Ireland: LEE228C- RFT for the Supply of a DNA, RNA and NGS Library Analyser for Teagasc Subscribers Only18 days
23/05/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Testing for the detection of hepatitis E viral RNASubscribers Only29 days
22/05/2017IE-Ireland: Refractive Index (RI) DetectorSubscribers Only19 days
22/05/2017UK-Belfast: Testing for the Detection of Hepatitis E viral RNA [551979] (OJEU)Subscribers Only29 days
19/05/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Urine analysersSubscribers Only28 days
11/05/2017Ireland-Dublin: Virology instrumentation / equipment and test kitsSubscribers Only15 days
05/05/2017IE-Ireland: Supply and Delivery of One Benchtop Mass Spectrometer Subscribers Only8 days
28/04/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of a Near Infrared (NIR) Analyser for the University of LimerickEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
26/04/2017IE-Ireland: Supply and Delivery of One Clinical Analyser Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
26/04/2017Ireland-Dublin: Blood analysers - anti-D and anti-c quantitation systemSubscribers Only1 day
12/04/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of an RNA/DNA/NGS QC System for University College Dublin (UCD)Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
12/04/2017Ireland-Dublin: Fully automated individual donation nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT) testing systemIrish Blood Transfusion Serviceexpired
05/04/2017Ireland-Dublin: Point of care testing solution for glucose and ketonesMater Misericordiae University Hospital Ltdexpired
21/03/2017Ireland-Limerick: Spectrum analyserEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
13/03/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of a DVS Analyser for Momentum Research Group, ULEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
22/02/2017Ireland-Dublin: Automated molecular testing system for fetal RHD screeningIrish Blood Transfusion Serviceexpired
22/02/2017Ireland-Limerick: Procurement of equipmentSubscribers OnlyPIN
21/02/2017UK-Belfast: Spectrum and Signal AnalyzerQueen’S University Belfastexpired
21/02/2017UK-Belfast: Mm-wave Extender ModulesQueen’S University Belfast expired