Lower Value Sourcing Team

Lower Value Tenders have a contract value that falls below the EU thresholds and are therefore not required to be published in the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union). More than 5,000 public sector organisations in the UK and Ireland advertise their Lower Value Tenders directly with us. For supplies or services, their value can vary from as little as a few thousand pounds to around £100,000 (most organisations will typically publish anything above £100K in the OJEU).

For this reason lower value tenders are particularly attractive to SMEs (Small to medium size enterprises) and legislation will soon be in place to allocate a certain percentage of all lower value contracts specifically to SMEs.

Although lower value tenders don’t need to be published in the OJEU, there is still a legislative requirement for them to be openly advertised. Most organisations have chosen to do this electronically, either on their own website or via a web portal.

Lower Value Sourcing Team

The Lower Value Sourcing Team

Our parent company Millstream Associates, provide procurement websites and online tender publication facilities to over 5,000 public sector organisations in the UK and Ireland. The lower value tenders that these organisations publish solely through our websites are categorised and fed into Tenders Direct.

To compliment these exclusive tenders, we also have a Sourcing Team who are dedicated to finding lower value tenders from other public sector locations. This combination provides the most comprehensive range of lower value tenders available in one place.